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Jenna Kart Club (Inc)

2005 State Titles



JKC had the honour of hosting the 2005 WA State Titles.
On behalf of the Committee and Members of JKC,
we thank all the karters and interested people from around Australia who attended the
SmokeFree 2005 WA Dirt Kart State Titles
and helped make it so successful.
Congratulations to all the newest WA champions and all the other drivers who made it to the podium.
Our deepest thanks to all our volunteers who ran the meeting.
Links to our generous sponsors can be found below. Please consider our sponsors whenever possible.

The Date:
October 29th and 30th 2005

Our sincere thanks to all our volunteers:
Ashlee Johnson
Paul Keen
Bill Cotton
Geoff Hams
Robyn Chinnery
Hans Van Zyl
Max Pilmer
Cathy Jones
Lyn and Rob Harrison
West Australian Kart Flag Marshal Association
Kylie and Mick Blackburn
Goomalling St John's
Colin Nelson
Carl Van Zijl
Neil Robertson
Christina Hughes
Christine Douglas
Shannon Stone
Gavin Farrell
Heather and Luke Bellman
Kylie Ditchfield
Helen and Joanna McDougall
John Halford
Peter and Graham Pilmer
Harvey Morrison
Steve Zonca
Norm Hughes
Martin Reilly
Jessica Higgs
Katie Follinus
Ken Marshall
David Earl



Dear Sharon, Colin and Jenna Kart Club members
Thank you for a GREAT weekend at the state titles.  Your track and facilities is a credit to all of you.  It was amazing to see the sleepy hollow of Jennacubbine turn into a gokart city.  All your hard work and commitment is greatly appreciated.
Thank you once again, look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.
Peter Hubeck, Annette and Emily
Statesman Kart 49
Hi Sharon,

Just a short note to say thank you to everyone at the Jenna Kart Club for putting on such a fantastic weekend - including the weather! When we left the Track on Saturday at 6.00pm, Colin and Steve Zonca were grading the Track and when we got there on Sunday at 6.00am they were at it again(or still at it), they did a brilliant job. Yourself and all you helpers deserve a big pat on the back!

No one was more surprised than I (except maybe my wife – ha) to receive a trophy as nice as the ones presented and the food was great too. It was the first State championship I have been to and will be remembered fondly, not only for the racing but for being an all round great weekend.

Thanks again Sharon

Russell (WA 3 – sounds good!)

Hi Sharon,
Congratulations on a fantastic weekend, you have done a marvellous
job co-ordinating the event, and you should be proud of what you've achieved!
Craig McIntyre
Had a great weekend. You and your team did a fantastic job and are a credit to the sport!!

Thank you for a great weekend!

David and Family



Congrats on running a very well organized meet

Please thank the girls for the regular delivery of drinks etc,it was really appreciated

thanks, Martin Reilly


Hi Sharon,

just wanted to pass on our CONGRATULATIONS to you and all the people who ran the state title. we had a great time and the track was fantastic. we can't wait to come back again.

Paul and family.



Thank you for welcoming us to your track. The meeting was a credit to you and your team. You deserve the success of the weekend.

Thanks, Peter.


Dear JKC,

Thank you for the state titles. We had a lot of fun. We hope to race there again next year.


Grid Sheets

Full results:

Peters and Brownes Rookies
Keelan Borlini
Joshua Walton

SmokeFree WA J Open:
1st Kelly Edwards 97 pts
2nd Robert Mavay 74 pts
3rd Luke Grant 66 pts
4th Tim Boujos 59 pts
5th Holly De Rosa 58 pts
6th Ammie Zonca 58 pts
7th Dean Duyster 53 pts
8th Sally McDougall 41 pts
9th Daniel Hale 18 pts

City Motors for Holden Statesman
1st Gary Spranaitis 92 pts
2nd Tony Little 88 pts
3rd Brian Luck 59 pts
4th Bradley Retallack 53 pts
5th Larry Baker 47 pts
6th Neil Morrell 35 pts
7th Keith Neale 32 pts
8th Brenton Ettridge 31 pts
9th Peter Hubeck 30 pts
10th Greg Curtis 24 pts

Keen Bros. Driver Training KT Heavy
1st Dean Gittos 83 pts
2nd Paul Wettinger 73 pts
3rd Glen Mears 69 pts
4th Kerrin Still 68 pts
5th Allan Nash 60 pts
6th Nathan Walton 46 pts
7th Shane Austin 42 pts
8th Richard Cook 41 pts
9th Murray Smith 39 pts
10th Peter Roberts 23 pts
11th Troy Treasure 11 pts

Action Karts 'n' Parts Outlaws
1st Stuart Inglis 74 pts
2nd Peter Pilmer 69 pts
3rd Terry Mavay 63 pts
4th Shane McMellon 57 pts
5th Tim Boujos 56 pts
6th Ian Drowley 49 pts
7th Terry Phillips 49 pts
8th Adrian Stone 44 pts
9th Terry oorschot 42 pts
10th Phil Radamanthos 32 pts
11th Graham Pilmer 24 pts
DNS Stefan Nedelcuta

Duncan Johnson Jeweller 125cc Light
1st Josh Dale 78 pts
2nd Ashley Darwent 65 pts
3rd Russell Riches 63 pts
4th Kathryn Hill 62 pts
5th Alan Julian 62 pts
6th Stephen Zonca 54 pts
7th Larry Baker 51 pts
8th Gary Spranaitis 45 pts
9th Chris Buller 40 pts
10th Robert Harrison 37 pts

Koyote Karts KT Medium
1st Ross Chard 84 pts
2nd Glen Chinnery 77pts
3rd Duncan Johnson 70pts
4th Adrian Haywood 58pts
5th Matthew Slattery 49 pts
6th Joel Ettridge 48 pts
7th Chad Gordon 32 pts
8th Jason Mears 25 pts
9th David Cotton 25 pts
10th Jason Varacalli 23 pts
11th Brody Oorschot 19 pts
12th Troy Treasure 10 pts
13th Norman Hughes 8 pts
14th Daniel Forbes 7 pts
15th Justin Braddon 0 pts
DNS Steve Doyle

SmokeFree WA J Junior
1st Daniel Pestka 92 pts
2nd James Inglis 91 pts
3rd Cody Turacchio 86 pts
4th Callan Oorschot 80 pts
5th Ashley Little 62 pts
6th Thomas Davies 61 pts
7th Nathan Hill 59 pts
8th Kate Zonca 56 pts
9th Daniel Keen 48 pts
10th Luke Hughes 47 pts
11th Luke Johnson 45 pts
12th Travis Southwell 43 pts
13th Stephen Sweeney 43 pts
14th Daniel Slattery 37 pts
15th Campbell Walkley 36 pts
16th Emalie Willis 36 pts
17th Kailem Maggi 29 pts
18th Craig Bensch 24 pts
19th Bradley Maiolo 12 pts
20th Corey Hunter 9 pts
21st Michael Keen 0 pts
DNS Michael Nedelcuta

CoolMist KT Twin
1st Josh Dale 94 pts
2nd Tim Bower 80 pts
3rd Robb McDougall 64 pts
4th Peter Scrivener 39 pts
5th Allan Nash 32 pts
6th Chris dale 28 pts
7th Robert Lock 22 pts
8th Peter Davies 17 pts

Peters and Brownes KT Light
1st Mark De Rosa 82 pts
2nd Brock Zonca 71 pts
3rd Heather Keen 63 pts
4th Stephen Zonca 63 pts
5th Luke Robertson 51 pts
6th Kathryn Hill 49 pts
7th Alan Julian 47 pts
8th Luke Grant 43 pts
9th Rohan Klein 40 pts
10th Heather Bellman 32 pts
11th Andre Smith 30 pts
12th Marie Hill 30 pts
13th Chad Gordon 25 pts
14th Jordan Farrell -3 pts
DNS Jordan Cooper

CD Tractor Sales and Service 125cc Heavy
1st Daniel Coleman 69 pts
2nd Glen Mears 65 pts
3rd Rhys Klaver 61 pts
4th Nathan Walton 55 pts
5th Shane Austin 53 pts
6th David Ahlquist 51 pts
7th Brendan Wedge 47 pts
8th Chris Dale 47 pts
9th Glen Chinnery 47 pts
10th Neil Morrell 41 pts
11th Josh Dale 40 pts
12th Greg Curtis 38 pts
13th Brian Luck 27 pts
14th Nic Klaver 20 pts
15th David Trevena 20 pts
16th Norman Hughes 14 pts
17th Daniel Sweeney 10 pts
18th Adrian Haywood 7 pts
19th Allan Nash 1 pt

KartMart 200cc Open
1st John Keen 90 pts
2nd Craig McIntyre 65 pts
3rd Peter Scrivener 47 pts
4th Matthew Morton 46 pts
5th Luke Morton 35 pts
6th John Thompson 0 pts
DNS Peter Davies
DNS Colin Youd

Flatout Karts 100cc Open
1st Mark De Rosa 87 pts
2nd Heather Keen 82 pts
3rd Ross Chard 69 pts
4th Terry Mavay 38 pts
5th Jason Varacalli 29 pts
6th Glen Chinnery 23 pts
7th Jordan Farrell 0 pts
DNS Tony Little